The Snowy Day

This US stamp honors the 1962 book “The Snowy Day.” I remember our 3rd grade class reading it. It was probably the only story book I’d ever seen with a black kid in it. They had started busing back then, so our classes were integrated. As I recall, it only made us all want to play in the snow. No one felt their rights were trampled on, their culture appropriated, or their flag disrespected…but what do a bunch of kids know, right?

People have since complained about cultural appropriation, and even expressed anger over the fact that the author was a white Jewish man. I think a white person writing about a black child’s amazement at a snow day in 1962 wasn’t racist, but revolutionary. Compare “The Snowy Day” to 1899’s “Little Black Sambo,” and decide which makes a more positive contribution to humanity. I’m glad the US Postal Service chose to honor it. And I hope we have many more years of the USPS identifying and celebrating important events and people, in the form of postage stamps.