James B. Hunt Jr. Library

(Raleigh, NC, USA) I’m to old to have had this wonderful library when I was a student at North Carolina State University. And I don’t live nearby anymore. But when I did, I often enjoyed visiting, and spending some time there, even if I didn’t accomplish anything. I must have paid $50/month just to park close to it. I’ve been a Friends of the Library member for years, and often suggested they give us a parking pass (nope!). Oh well, my mind and soul found it money well spent.

Still closed during COVID-19 restrictions, here is a link to a 360 degree tour. It reminds me that the United States can still produce beautiful architecture and non-retail spaces. Sometimes.

If you’re a fan of these kind of things, you can learn all about it by following the links you’ll find on the 360 tour page. (The blue chairs along the window wall are more comfortable than they appear).


All I Own

Nothing ever works out for me
and I don’t know why it should
Sister says I’m lazy
and Dad says I’m no good
I’m no good.

I earned diplomas for my wall
and an office all my own
Sister’s husband bought her a horse
and a nice suburban home
Suburban home.

Now we both are growing old
Sister’s husband hit the road
my office moved to Mexico
diplomas are all I own
All I own.